Holiday apartments Rome


Holiday apartments Rome are a perfect option if you are searching for an affordable place to stay for your next holiday, keeping eyes on the budget…
In Vatican Realais Rome we are TOP holiday apartment providers, as we offer suitable and luxury rooms that have nothing to envy to the best luxury hotels in town!
Our holiday apartments are located very close to Vatican City, they offer the same level of service than 4 star hotels, but they guarantee a major level of privacy and freedom during your stay, including a meal area where you can cook your meals and avoid expensive restaurants in town.
Booking our holiday apartments you will feel completely at home, as they are comfortable, luxurious, beautifully decorated, and equipped with air conditioning, TV, and any other possible gadgets, providing you the freedom to stroll in the city center to enjoy nightlife and key attractions.
Smart travelers all over the world appreciate the comfort provided by holiday apartments Rome and their plans. Depending on how long you’re staying, you can get accommodation to fit into your plan and budget and enjoy the impressive sights and beauty of Rome.

Besides, if you are coming with your family or friends, you would be conveniently accommodated in a double room small apartment, ideal for families.

Check accurately the Virtual Tour on this site, look at our gallery page, and be sure to locate our position on the map… You will realize that we offer the best possible holiday apartments in Rome, that guarantees best vacation experience in the eternal city!