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Are you searching for Rome room rentals? If you are visiting the eternal city for holiday and you want to rent a room in Rome, you are in the right place! Yopur search is over. In Vatican Relais Rome we are a specialist at providing luxury Rome room rentals, taking away the hassles of the endless search for the right accommodation, at right price, in the right place… We provide top luxury room rental that compoare with a 4 star hotel, just a few steps from S. Peter Cathedral, in Vatican city!

Being the home to the bulk of the finest art in the world, quite a lot of people visit and love to stay in Rome, but just a few can experience the magnificience of the old papal places… Gift yourself with this opportunity and you will never regret!

Not all rooms are equal, of c ourse… Anyone looking for a room to rent in Rome fight to get the best possible opportunity available for the given period… The accommodation we provide guarntee the best chemistry regarding comfort, location and prices! And these points together will make your stay in Rome really memorable.

Rome room rental specialists

If you desire to rent a room in rome which could give you the chance to breath the real atmosphera of the ancient Rome, a few steps away from S. Peter Cathedral, museums and millenary places, Vatican Relais Rome is the best place to go!


When you start looking around to rent a room in Rome there are some key points to take into consideration before booking your place. Location is the first critical factor to be taken into consideration, because the price of a room will be strictly related to the area of Rome you nchoose, and also your personal experience will be influenced by these factors…
Best places in Rome to stay for an holiday are the following:
1. Vatican City- the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and the spiritual heart of the city
2. Central Rome- the area with attractive cobblestone streets leading to many attractions
3. Forum and Colosseum- close to the ancient Roman ruins
4. Trastevere- the old area of Rome with several restaurants and nightlife but far from other attractions
5. Termini- the busy area with easy and fast access to all the means of transportation, like buses, trains, metro, and tram
Booking with us you will get one of most reputable accommodations in Vatican area, to live and experience the hearth of Rome by feet.

We have built a great reputation as Rome room rentals providers, based on the excellence of the service together with the area.
Your stay in our super furnished rooms will make great momories, and will give you a good reason to mcopme back again!