Short term accommodation Rome


If you are looking for a short term accommodation in Rome for holidays, business or whatever else, we can offer one of the best accommodations available in town, that will fit all your needs while you stay in Rome.
The short term rental in Rome we offer is not only comfortable but absolutely amnazing! We provide self-catering apartments that allow you to stay in the heart of this beautiful ancient city and very close (5 minutes by feet…) to S. Peter Cathedral in Vatican City.

With the apartments being surrounded by the cultural wonders of Rome, you would be able to live like the locals as you catch the captivating views of Rome, you will profit of the many typical restaurants around our apartments tasting the uniqueness od italian food.
Short tem accommodation do not mean low quality level… Our apartments can be comparted to the best 4 star Hotels, providing all the best facilities to guarantee your enjoyable stay with your partner, family, or friends.

Booking a short term accommodation Rome with us you wil be guaranteed to live the glamor of the historical Rome with utmost comfort and the chance to shop, cook, and eat in your house.

We offer luxury short term rentals in Rome

If you’re coming to Rome for tourism, or businesses that require you to stay for a few days, a week, or more,  we can offer short term rentals in Rome in self-catering apartments that allow you to have the level of freedom you desire, living  in the heart of the ancient papal area.